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creating home | creando hogar solo exhibition (2023)

JAN 16 – FEB 17, 2023
Queer Galleries at Bradbury Sullivan LGBT Center
Allentown, PA

creating home | creando hogar (2023) is a mixed media exhibition curated and created by Kevelis Matthews-Alvarado. As a debut solo show, "creating home" is a labor of love. This project was a necessary alchemical experiment as the context of a global pandemic illuminated my need to create art as a means of surviving, coping, and healing.

As a mixed media collection, featuring 30 original pieces, "creating home" recognizes the physical body as a home and explores themes of identity, self-acceptance, movement, healing, nature as a catalyst for care, self-love, and chosen family.

"creating home" is an ode to transformation, an ode to becoming. an ode to being.

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